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Care in the comfort of your home

Welcome to My Pet Sitters

Your pets need attention and the comfort of a safe and familiar environment while you are away. We take care of them in your home and give them the attention and contact they need.

Here are some of the things we do:

  • Look after your pets in the comfort of your home
  • Feed your pets and spend time with them
  • Take your dogs for a walk
  • Water your plants
  • Feed your fish, hamsters, birds, rabbits and guinea pigs
  • Clean out litter and cages
  • Bring in your post and milk
  • Arrange for boarding and pet lifts

Why Choose us?

When you go on holiday, your pets miss you. Taking them away from their familiar surroundings to a strange kennel is a frightening and confusing experience. At the same time, you have the cost and inconvenience of taking your pet to a kennel and picking it up after the vacation. A kennel may also not be the ideal arrangement if you have more than one pet.

Here’s where we help. We visit your pets in the familiar environment of their home. We feed them and provide attention, and can even look after your home. All at an affordable price.

If home care is not a suitable option for your pet we can arrange for pet accomodation with a caring family, at a reasonable price.

Alternatively, if you prefer to use a kennel, we can arrange to drop off your pet shortly before your vacation and return it to your home afterwards - saving you both time and the inconvenience of an additional journey.

The benefits of using My Pet Sitters

  • Security cleared
  • Reliable and friendly service
  • Local to Cambridge and Newmarket
  • We love animals