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Care in the comfort of your home

Our services

Sit back and Relax. Your pets are in good hands when they are with us.

Visiting your pets at home

Research has shown that your pets will need regular visits while you are away. We also recommend that your pets get to know us before you go on vacation.

Pets, like people, need regular exercise and a healthy, balanced diet. We feed your pets and spend time with them. If you have dogs, then we will take them for a short walk, maintaining the routine they are used to when you are around.

Cats tend to like their own space and routine, but having someone around to play ball with, or sit on a warm lap and receive pampering can help calm the nerves of a jittery pet, anxious now that you have gone away.

Healthcare and hygiene

Pets don't only need good food, exercise and attention to stay healthy. They need a clean and hygienic environment.

Smaller animals, kept in cages - such as fish, hamsters, birds, rabbits and guinea pigs - need regular feeding and cleaning out of litter and cages.

We take care of the health of your pets by keeping an eye out for ticks, fleas and other signs of illness or discomfort. A wet and running nose and sniffling could indicate that your pet has a cold. Excessive shivering could be a sign of a more serious problem. If we feel that your pet needs further attention from a qualified vetenarian, we will take it for treatment or contact you to confirm your instructions.

Our health and hygiene service includes:

  • Cleaning out of litter and cages
  • Pet cleaning and grooming
  • Treatment for pests
  • Trip to the local vet where necessary

Care around the home

Since we are already in your house to spend time with your pets, it is easy for us to do those small chores that make your life easier and let you come home to a safe, clean and organised home.

Here are some of the small things we can do:

  • Watering your plants
  • Bringing in your post and milk

Before we leave for the evening, we'll make sure that all doors and windows are locked and a passage light is left on for security.

Pet Boarding

In some circumstances it may be more appropriate for your pet to stay over with a family. In this case, we can arrange for a suitable home for your pet.

Additional services

We can offer these as stand-alone services or include them as part of your pet care programme:

  • Dog walking
  • Pet pampering - cleaning ang grooming
  • Lift schemes - to a VET or your local kennel

Important! Please read our terms and conditions of service before making a booking.